What To Do If You Have Been Injured and Are Seeking to File A Personal Injury Claim?

Get Medical Attention and Take Medical Advice

10209209_mIt is important to seek medical attention following an accident, both for your health and a quicker recovery, and it gives a potential personal injury claim more credibility.  Sometimes people do not realize they need medical attention after an accident because of the adrenaline or shock of the incident; so they refuse treatment and then experience issues hours, days, or weeks later.  If there is any question, you should go to a medical clinic or emergency room immediately.  It is not worth risking your health.

Once you obtain medical attention, it is important that you follow the advice of the doctor or medical professional.  Do not miss a scheduled doctor’s appointment – even if you think you are feeling better!  If you neglect to receive medical treatment, it suggests to the provider and the insurance company that you were not injured very badly in the accident.

Your attorney’s job is to make sure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.  Without a strong medical record to support your injury allegations, it will be very difficult to receive the compensation you deserve.  You need to be evaluated and continue to receive treatment on a consistent basis so you have a professional’s record of your recovery.  It is recommended that you receive treatment until you are healed or until you no longer benefit from the treatment.  If you follow this advice, your chance of a fair and just settlement is significantly stronger.

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