What If My Disability Claim Is Rejected?

14754739_sYou will often hear that “all disability claims are rejected the first time you file,” and – in a sense – this can be true. Most people that apply for disability are initially denied because the Social Security Administration believe there is some type of job they can do, somewhere, anywhere. The rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration’s disability program are so complex that the average person simply doesn’t have any idea how to prepare their disability y case properly for the hearing. This is why you should take your claim to Rennie Law, LLC, if you are denied, because he can help you file for a reconsideration. A good disability lawyer knows the ins and outs of the Social Security system, how it works, and how to gather the medical evidence you need to prove your case. By having a lawyer represent you at your second disability hearing, you improve your chances of winning your award by tremendously.

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