Is there a positive side to filing for bankruptcy?

18077233_sBankruptcy has a very positive effect on most clients.  Filing for bankruptcy, while initially being a very difficult decision, is a great way for you to wipe your slate clean and start your new life, free of creditor harassment and the worries that go along with substantial debt.


No more calls at all hours of the day and night from your creditors!  You have most likely been cringing every time your phone has rang for quite some time.  Now, you can rest assured that the phone ringing is probably a friend or family member just calling to chat.


Most, if not all, of your debts will be discharged!  This will allow you a whole new level of financial stability.  Also, bankruptcy is often the quickest way to repair credit once your debt becomes more than you can handle.


Bankruptcy should typically be considered a last resort option, but when bankruptcy is the appropriate solution for a client it is an extraordinarily powerful tool to stamp out debt and put a person back on their feet.

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